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Statewide Consumer Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Miami-based AmeriLoss

The Lawsuit is in Response to Fees Charged by the Public Adjuster after Recent South Florida Hurricanes

MIAMI - Attorneys Lance Harke of the commercial litigation law firm of Harke & Clasby LLP (www.harkeclasby.com) along with Adam Moskowitz of Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton have filed a statewide class action lawsuit against North Bay Village-based AmeriLoss Public Adjusting Corp. for excessive fees it charged consumers who retained them to handle their hurricane damage claims.

"Our client, Clyde Lightbourn was wrongfully charged excessive fees of more than 30 percent. It is clear AmeriLoss was in violation of the state law that limits fees to just 10 percent after a state of emergency," said plaintiff's attorney, Lance Harke. He continued, "Our team is actively investigating other public adjusters that may have been engaging in the same business practices."

The suit alleges AmeriLoss engaged in "unfair and deceptive practices" and charged "illegal fees" after charging 33.3 percent for adjusting a claim by Mr. Lightbourn related to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. State law requires insurance adjusters limit their fees to 10 percent for claims stemming from official states of emergency. Lightbourn retained AmeriLoss after hurricane Katrina in 2007.

This lawsuit should be a warning to consumers who filed claims with AmeriLoss or any other public adjuster after the string of hurricanes that hit South Florida a few years ago. These consumers may not be aware of the 10 percent cap limiting insurance adjuster fees after a state of emergency. The five-year window for filing supplemental claims on damages from Wilma and Katrina is still open.


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